Best Beach Folding Wagons – Buyer’s Guide

Best Beach Folding Wagons

Summertime means beach time! One of the tools that you might be looking for before heading to the beach is a folding wagon. The primary role of this cart is to help you carry the cooler of beverages or other stuff to the beach.

The good thing about the folding wagon is that it is handy, collapsible and easy to store.

If you search the market, you will find hundreds of brands of folding wagons each has their unique feature. Choosing the right folding wagon can be a daunting task, especially if you do not have prior knowledge about the cart.

To help you find the perfect product we have created a comprehensive buyer guide of the best beach folding wagons. In this post, you will know the different types of carts available in the market. We will also discuss the things you need to consider in choosing. If you are looking for a beach cart you should check our best rated beach carts.

Types of Folding Wagons

Beach folding wagons are available in either durable fabric or metal. It does not matter which kind of cart you choose, since both are very versatile for transporting items, carting your bulky items along with a sandy beach, outdoor work, camping, and much more.

  Metal Folding Wagons are easy to carry tools for yard and garden work with heavy-duty weight capacity and tough rubber tires for rough terrain.

This type of wagon offers detachable sides or flexible panels to transform your cart from a basket to a platform. It can hold bulkier items.

  Fabric Folding Wagons are the versatile type of wagons for carrying any large supplies or tools on bumpy sand or concrete terrain. It can be folded into a fraction of their size and stored without any difficulty.

They are accommodating in moving heavy loads and transporting many items in one trip. Some wagons have detachable handles or compartments for added convenience.

Things to Consider in Buying

If you are a frequent beachgoer, you need to make sure that the wagon you choose can survive the sandy and harsh terrain of the beach.

If you will also use the cart in tight hallways or in other areas where there is not enough room to maneuver, it is best to choose a smaller turn radius. Below are additional important features that you need to think about when deciding:


Buyers love the convenience of owning a folding wagon with lots of room for bulky and huge items. But can fold up to a fraction of its original size for easy storing to keep it protected when not in use.

The best beach folding wagons can take up little space when stored away for the next use. Some include a lovely cover to protect it when folded and stored away.


Choose the one with a flexible handle that you can adjust it with ease depending on your height so that you can pull the wagon at your arm’s length and with less effort.

Some have a removable handle if you need only the basket part of the cab.


If you need to carry bulky weight items on the beach, choose the one with high-capacity to fit all the things that you need to transport without difficulties.

The metal folding wagons can carry up to 400 lbs. of weight while the fabric wagons can carry up to 100 pounds.

Heavy-Duty Wheels

Most of the folding carts have heavy duty wheels not just on the sandy beach, but in snow, dirt, street, or grass manoeuvring.

It also makes the wagon sturdy for navigating street curbs or rocks fast, as you pull heavy loads on the rugged and outdoor terrain.


You want your folding cart to be sturdy, but if it is with the robust design, it can be too heavy to move around. Choose something that is lightweight both when empty and when loaded.

Heavy-Duty Steel Log Cart

Choose a wagon made of durable steel mesh. It cannot fold up like the wagons with a fabric material, but the sides can be folded down or can be detached entirely by sliding out the pins on


Consumers prefer user-friendly and are easy to function.

The users love the wagons that fold and unfold with less effort and require less assembly, for the add-ons to the cart to have all the things ready to go directly out of the box.

Rotating Wheels

You can choose a wagon with 3600 range of motion for easy manoeuvring on corners and move on rough ground smoothly.

If you have rotating wheels, you can make pulling items much easier even under more stringent conditions that will not damage or break the wagon.

Some wagons have rotating wheels on the front only, and the back wheels remain locked in position..

Width of the Wheels

To navigate fast on the sand, you need a folding wagon with wider wheels. Narrow wheels may cut into the sandy beach and get stuck.

You will also have difficulties in moving around on the beach or a sandy terrain.

Stain-resistant Fabric

Choose a folding wagon made of heavy-duty stain and resistant to water to keep them protected no matter what type of weather or how heavy you carry around.

Some of the carts have stain resistant fabric to keep the cab protected from different uses and to maintain its look..

Top 10 Best Beach Folding Wagons

Mac Sports Folding Wagons with Side Table – The #1 Folding Wagons in Amazon

Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Wagon 1

The Mac Sports Folding Wagon is not considered the #1 beach folding wagon for nothing. It has a heavy duty frame and with very durable fabric made of 600 Denier material that will enable you to carry up to 150 pounds from A to point B without exerting too much effort.

The adjustable handle can make your maneuvering smooth. The Mac Sport has 2-mesh cup holders if you need to place your beverages in a separate area away from your other stuff.


 Easy to fold and very compact for ease of storage
It can carry lots of items as compared to other wagons
No need to assemble
With oversized wheels for better steering
Flexible telescopic handle

The fabric is not detachable
Sharp objects can puncture the material

Sekey Folding Beach Wagon with All-Terrain Wheels

Sekey Folding Beach Wagons

The Sekey Folding Wagon is perfect for all terrains as it comes with extra-large PU tires and adjustable handle for easy pulling. Thanks to its heavy-duty steel frame it can carry loads up to 265 lbs.

Furthermore, it comes with a 600D double-layered Oxford is fabric which is one of the most durables ones on the market. It can be easily removed and cleaned.


 Extremely durable. 600D double-layered Oxford is one of the best money can buy.
Sets up in just seconds. No installation needed.
It’s very compact and can be easily fitted into the included carry bag.
Thanks to its size it can be fitted into a car trunk.
Its extendable handle makes handling very easy. Plus its wide wheels can rotate 360 degrees which make handling and maneuvering even easier on all types of surfaces
The Sekey Folding Wagon is so big that it can hold plenty of stuff from all sorts of materials. That aren’t many other wagon carts out there that can carry 265lbs of weight.

The handle looks like its made from some cheap plastic
Sometimes the tires get filled with sand, and you need to clean them before moving on.

The front two tires are a bit too close. Sometimes when you make a tight turn, they can hit one another and get stuck.

TimberRidge Sturdy Steel Frame Folding Wagon  2019 Edition

Timber Ridge Folding Beach Camping Wagon Cart

If you need to transport your things to the beach, kitchen, yard, park, and wherever you need to. The material used in making TimberRidge folding wagon is a high-quality polyester for added durability and to fold with ease.

It can carry weights up to 150 pounds and can move even on the toughest terrain like the beach, rocky road and others.

The handle is extendable that enables you to move the wagon in various positions. If you need to carry heavy weight, this steel framed cart has an edge among others, mainly on the roughest terrains. For ease of storing the package includes a travel case with handle.


 Very durable, made of 600D polyester material
 Lots of room for your stuff
 Easy to fold and compact
 With extendable handle for easy control in harsh terrains

Not recommended for tall people
Problems in maneuvering on tight corners
With rubber tires, thus prone to wear and tear

Radio Flyer 3-In-1 Tailgater Wagon – Amazon Exclusive

Radio Flyer Wagon

The Radio Flyer is a unique folding wagon that can be used to haul children (2 kids’ tops), store up to three chairs, one cooler, and other stuff. It can carry a weight of 150 lbs. in the wagon and an additional 50 lbs. on the cooler caddy. The front features two bottle holders, while the back has a separate pouch for storing various stuff.

Its fabric is both durable and lightweight. The Radio Flyer can be folded and stored with just one hand and just about anywhere. The handle comes with a magnet that holds the handle upright when no one is holding it.


 Its cover is made of DuraCleanTM fabric which is very easy to wipe and clean.
 The padded seats are very comfortable, and there are safety straps that make sure the kids don’t accidentally fall from the wagon.
 Practical all-around wagon
 Very lightweight
 Easy to fold.
 It fits even in cars with small car trunk.

It comes only in one color – red
A fully loaded wagon doesn’t fare well in sand or off-road especially if there are children in the back.
The cooler caddy cannot be detached from the rest of the wagon.

YSC Folding Beach Wagon – The Cheapest and Lightest Folding Wagon

YSC Folding Beach Wagon

The YSC Folding Wagon is lightweight. It weighs only over 10 pounds thus considered as one of the lightest foldable wagons. Even if it is light, it can still haul 150 pounds of items from your car to the beach, kitchen, or anywhere as long as you pull it on a smooth surface.

It is compact with high-quality fabric. Made of polyester making it a durable cart. The folding wagon is available in three colors red, navy blue, and deep red. Easy to open and fold up when not in use.


 Very lightweight
 No assembly needed
 Easy to open and fold up
 The wheels move smoothly on flat surface
 Easy to clean
 It is very durable
 Easy to navigate
 Available in three colors

Smaller area for your items
May not move efficiently on the sand
Short handle

Redcamp Folding Wagon – The Wagon with a Bigger Space at an Affordable Price

Redcamp Folding Beach Wagon

If you are looking for a wagon with a large capacity at a reasonable price, the Redcamp folding cart is the right one for you. It is lightweight and compact for easy storing. The interior is large, and it measures at 34 x 18 x 12 you can place all your items in a single trip.

You can quickly put it on your car trunks, easy transport, and compact.

This folding cart is very durable with a steel frame and made of 600D polyester that is built to last. It can carry up to 100 pounds. The rubber wheels ensure smooth movement on harsh terrain, on sandy beaches and others. Adjustable handles to easily pull or push the wagon effortless.


 Made of high-quality material
 Bigger capacity
 Adjustable handle
 Offers 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

Rubber wheels are prone to damage
Some complaints of the handle being in one position only

Beachcomber Mac Sports Collapsible Wagon – The Best Beach Folding Wagon

BeachComber Mac Sports Collapsible Beach Wagon

Beachcomber Collapsible Wagon is the bigger version of the Mac Sports folding cart. It has bigger space, compact, folds nicely, and can carry up to 150 pounds of items, and with adjustable handle for ease of pulling.

The wheels are one of the great features this wagon has. They are bigger, positioned close together, and attached directly to the handle.

These features mean that you can use it in various terrains with an ease that includes the sand. Steering is smooth and effortless, even on the sharp turns.


 Maneuver the cart effortless
 Recommended for different types of terrain
 For easy access, the handle locks into the wagon’s frame
 With bigger spaces
 Heavy duty and sturdy
 Easy to transport
 Easy to clean

No brakes to lock-up the wheels
The handle can be extended up to 16 inches only
May tip over if your items are improperly packed

JDM Beach Folding Wagon – The Affordable, Durable Folding Wagon

JDM Beach Folding Wagon Cart

The JDM auto light, collapsible beach wagon is very affordable. If you think the only expensive folding wagon is durable, you are wrong.

This folding cart is also made of 600D Polyester Fabric and with steel frame. The size of the frame is 34 x 21.5 x 25.5 in dimension. You can choose between red or blue collapsible cart to transport your stuff. In can carry up to 150 pounds.


 Folds quickly and with durable steel frame construction
 Easy to clean
 Easy to maneuver

Not recommended for the beach

Creative Outdoor Distributor Folding Wagon – The Rugged Collapsible Wagon

Creative Outdoor Distributor Folding Beach Wagon

You can use your Creative Outdoor Distributor folding wagon everywhere in the grocery store, in the garden, during your kid’s event, and on the beach. It has a bigger interior that you can carry all your essentials in one trip.

It makes your task easier and lightens your load. The design combines utility and function, which makes it versatile. It has pockets all around to hold the tools and drinks separately.

This folding cart can support up to 150 pounds, and it weighs 20 pounds when empty. If folded it measures 30 x 20 x 7 ½ inches, which makes it easy to transport. When opened it is around 20 x 42 ½ x 19 ½ inches providing more space for your items. It has a long handle for easy maneuvering. Easy to fold and you can store it anywhere.


 Wider interior
 Bigger and robust wheels for easy steering
 Compact and easy to fold design
 Rugged design
 Easy to set-up

Weak Cushioning

Wonderfold Outdoor Collapsible Wagon – The Fashionable Folding Cart

Wonderfold Outdoor Collapsible Beach Wagon

The Wonderfold folding wagon is ideal for those who are looking for a luxury cart. It has a smooth and 1800 telescopic swivel handle that enables you to maneuver the cab at all angles.

The tool has an auto-lock feature to control the front tires. Easy to assemble, you can open and attached safely fast. It features an Eva foam tires and with bearings. The frame is collapsible, and the basket is detachable.

Made of 600D polyester fabric with a cushioned bottom. It has retractable canopy pole. It measures 46 x 24 x 29 when unfolded and 24 x 6 x 32 when folded. The Wonderfold measures only 27 pounds, but it can carry up to 155 pounds.


 Easy to open and fold
 With detachable canopy
 Fashionable design and look
 Made of durable 600D polyester
 Telescopic handle for easy steering

Expensive as compared to other brands


Beach wagons are very portable and trendy. It will make your carrying task easier. Based on the things that you need to consider when buying a folding cart, we think Mac Sports is the best beach folding cabs among the eight products reviewed above.

Do not worry if you are on a tight budget, YSC folding cart is affordable but, still of good quality. Hope this review helps you find the best folding wagon.