Hauck Eco Wagon

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The Hauck Eco wagon is a versatile utility vehicle that is hand pulled. It is just the right mix of convenience, durability, and comfort.

Also, this wagon is quite stylish and makes you stand out. This wagon can be used to cart around different stuff for both outdoor and indoor activities.

But its ideal occupants or passengers are children, toddlers.

Hauck Eco WagonThe build, design, and aesthetics of this vehicle were all done with children in mind. From the easy grip handles to the touch and durable fabric.

For comfort, it has nicely cushioned chairs and a detachable canopy.

For safety, there is the well-grooved tired that substantially increase friction and a brake that locks single-handedly.

Features of the Hauck Eco Wagon

 This wagon, after assembly, has dimensions of 38 inches x 30 inches x 39 inches. It can also hold a weight of up to 120 pounds. Ideally, only two small children.

 Hard steel framework. This wagon has a heavy-duty tubed frame of steel that is light-weight. This allows the wagon to remain light, without being weak and easily breakable.

 Durable and easily washed fabric. The fabric used, is quite tough but can be hand washed. It is not easily torn and can easily carry the weight of two (2) toddlers.

 Seats are cushioned and comfortable. The seats in the Hauck Eco wagon are cushioned to enhance comfort, and these seats can carry two small children comfortably.

 Collapsible, even with steel framework. This wagon can be easily folded up and stored, without compromising its heavy-duty steel tube frame. The folded up wagon, can fit into, and easily be stored in the trunk of an average sized vehicle.

 The Hauck Eco wagon also comes with a canopy that is attachable and removable. It is used to protect its occupants from inclement weather conditions. That means during a particularly hot day or a drizzly day, the canopy can be used to cover and protect its passengers.

 Tires fully encased in rubber. The tires of this wagon are completely encased in rubber, and this increases its durability. The tires are also well grooved to give it a good frictional grip. The rims of these tires, also have two (2) sets of bearings in each of them.


The Hauck Eco Wagon is one of the best wagons out there, in terms of price, comfort, safety and carrying capacity.

It has features that are quite convenient. Although, one drawback is the bulky and inconvenient size it folds into.

Apart from that, this wagon has everything else you need.

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