Mac Sports Double Decker Wagon

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The Mac Sports double decker wagon (DD-100) is the perfect gear for outdoor hauls.

It can be used to carry sports gear to sporting events, musical instruments to concerts, hiking gear, picnic paraphernalia to the park, and even moving stuff around the house.

It has features that have been built and designed to not only be durable but also space efficient, convenient, easily maintained, etc.

As its name implies, the Mac Sports Double Decker 100 has two decks that give you an increased carrying capacity. But take note and beware; this wagon was not designed to carry children. Get a pram for that.

If you are looking for a wagon to carry children please check out our best beach wagons guide .

Features of the Mac Sports Double Decker 100

 This wagon has a hard steel framework that increases its durability. This frame prevents easy bending or breaking.Mac Sports Double Decker Wagon

 There is no need for assembly. This wagon can be set up in seconds, it only needs unfolding, not assembly.

 Conversely, packing up takes less than a minute, because the DD-100 wagon can just be compactly folded and stored. When folded up, its dimensions are 29.5 inches x 20 inches x 8 inches.

 Like a double-decker wagon, the DD-100 has a lower deck made out of metal mesh, that increases its capacity and can carry oversized items.

 For added convenience, the wagon has two (2) mesh cup/bottle holders.

 The Mac Sports Double Decker has rubber tires that are durable, easily maneuvered and designed to enhance the smoothness of your ride.

 This wagon has a handle that is contoured, for easy gripping. And is also adjustable for more convenience.

Mac Sports Double Decker Folded

 When unfolded and set up, the DD-100 has outside dimensions of 40 inches x 20 inches x 28 inches, and this includes an extended shelf. The inside of this wagon has dimensions of about 29 inches x 17.8 inches x 17.5 inches. This shows that it has a large capacity.

 The wagon’s hard steel frame allows you to carry loads that weigh up to 150 pounds, and the 600D fabric used in making it, is durable, easily cleaned and does not tear easily.


The Mac Sports double-decker is all you need for all your outdoor lifting, and more. It has been equipped with all these convenient features to serve you long and well.

The easy unfold and fold features are also important. This is because, apart from aiding you to carry your load, it is also easy to carry around. The true image of convenience.

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