Patio Watcher Folding Outdoor Wagon for All-Terrain

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A wagon comfortably carries your loads and items around, in the great outdoors, in your backyard and even around your house.

The Patio Watcher utility wagon cart is great for carting around your groceries from the shop, your stuff for a family picnic or outing, your sports or exercise gear to the gym or items for a fun day at the beach.

This wagon is quite convenient, as storage and set up is quite easy. To store, all you need to do is fold up and bag. While to set up, you just need to remove from its bag and unfold.

The features of this wagon really make it one of the best out there. But you should know that the Patio Watcher wagon is not designed for carrying children.

If you are looking for a beach wagon that can carry children then we recommend Hauck Eco Wagon.

Features of the Patio Watcher Utility Wagon Cart

 The Patio watcher wagon has dimensions of 42.5 inches x 21 inches x 40 inches. It weighs about 12 – 15 pounds and can carry items that weigh up to 150 pounds.

 The fabric used is the tough and sturdy 600D polyester fabric. And this is quite durable, easy to remove for washing and cleaning.

 This wagon has a framework that is made of aluminum that is strong but lightweight. This frame is coated in black powder and is well built and stable.

 The handle of the Patio watcher is T-shaped and telescoped for easy folding. But while it provides easy control on rough terrains, the T-shape is quite uncomfortable to grip.

 This wagon has wheels that are 7 inches in diameter. These wheels are strong and easily maneuvered.

 The two (2) front wheels have the ability to rotate 360 degrees, and this makes it easy to engage turns.

Setting up this wagon is quite easy as there is no need to assemble. And it also takes a really short while to fold up and store.

The Patio watcher comes with velcro strips that aid easy folding and a bag for convenient storing of the wagon. When folded up it is not bulky and can fit into a trunk or a closet.


The Patio watcher wagon wins at convenience, design, durability, and capacity.

It is built with tough but lightweight materials. In order to enhance its durability, it is best to avoid carrying items that are heavier than the recommended weight, do not carry children (also for their safety), fold properly and store in a safe place.

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