PORTAL Collapsible Beach Wagon

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  • Space
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The Portal Folding Utility Wagon is a great carrying companion for activities like; outdoor picnics and camping, gardening, sports events, gym sessions, grocery or antique shopping, laundry time or as a pets-mobile, etc. It is one of the best beach wagon by price/quality ratio.

Its uses are quite versatile and this is a mark in its favor.

The boxy design of this wagon does not have any room for fuss or frills and this makes it completely utilitarian.

With convenience, durability, and spaciousness as its watchword, the portal utility wagon has features that give you the right experience.

Its ability to be collapsed or set up in seconds is one of its advantages, but the lack of ergonomics in the design of its handle is not very convenient.

Features of the Portal Folding Utility Wagon

 This wagon has size dimensions of 12.2 inches x 30.3 inches x 9.1 inches, this is spacious enough to carry a good number of items. It weighs 23.7 pounds and can carry loads with a weight of up to 225 pounds.

 Built with quality and durable materials, the fabric of the portal utility wagon is a high-density polyester. The framework of the wagon is a heavy-duty steel frame that is durable and sturdy.

 The fabric of the Portal utility wagon can be easily removed for cleaning and washing. This is done by twisting off the four screws on each corner of the wagon. This process does not require additional tools.

 The wagon’s handle is sturdy and bendable to accommodate quick folding and help save space. And while that is so, the handle does not have a very ergonomic design and can cause stress to the joints in the fingers and hand.

 The portal utility wagon can easily be set up and folded back up. This can be done in seconds, just by pushing in the bottom. The wagon also comes with a carry bag for compact and easy storage in small spaces.

 This wagon has four (4) 7 inches wheels, which are well-grooved and designed to travel over different terrains. The front wheels can rotate up to 360 degrees, and so this wagon can easily be maneuvered to avoid obstacles.

In Conclusion

This wagon is one that can be used at the Olympics for carrying team equipment around and also used in your home to move your laundry from room to room.

Owning one of these affords you an easy way to move items manually.

It’s easily collapsible and storage abilities are the major points of attraction for this wagon. When well maintained, this tool will last its owners for a long time.

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