Tommy Bahama Beach Cart All Terrain Review

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Tommy Bahama Beach Cart all TerrainIf you have plans going to the beach with your family this weekend, do not forget to bring along your favorite beach cart. If you still don’t have one, you can consider buying a Tommy Bahama beach cart with extra-large wheels.

One of the excellent qualities of this beach cart is its functionality.

The Tommy Bahama was introduced in the market 2017. Its selling price during that time was $90, definitely very affordable for a beach gear. Tommy Bahama Beach Cart is still selling very well.

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Exciting Features of Tommy Bahama Beach Cart

Tommy Bahama Beach Cart all Terrain folded

Tommy Bahama Beach Cart When Folded

The first thing a buyer would do before buying is to check on the different features the item has to offer.

So let’s start enumerating the exciting features that Tommy Bahama beach cart possesses.

Storing this gear is not a problem, all you need to do is to fold it and place it in a safe place.

Carrying is also not a problem. You can fit it easily in your truck.

Tommy Bahama is spacious enough and can carry up to 100lbs of beach items. You can load up to 4 beach chairs, and other things that you need bring in the beach.

It has a stroller-like design, having dual steer front wheels. Thus you will have a hassle-free escapade in deep sand.

You will notice that it has large wheels. The rear wheels measure 10” and the dual-steer front wheels. It is available in two colors light blue and blue.

If you are in search of a beach cart with detachable insulated cargo bag with zippered side pockets, this might be a good brand to purchase.


 Has better storage capacity and weight
 Easy to maneuver around the sand
 You get an extra cooler bag
 Removable tote bags and has pockets for smaller items

Some complaints of the mesh that tears easily
Wheels may deteriorate faster if subjected to too much pressure

Final Words

As a whole, users of Tommy Bahama All-Terrain Beach Cart are happy with it. What the consumer like about this cart is that it has a big storage space with a convenient built-in cooler.

Also, the users love it because you can easily maneuver it in the sand and it is easy to assemble.

If compared to its competitors, Tommy Bahama is a good quality beach cart with reasonable price.

So, if you are looking for an all-terrain beach gear, you can consider buying this brand. You will surely agree with us when we say that it is worth your money.

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